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Best Advertising Methods To Attract People To Your Events Post COVID-19 by Duluth Businessman Ismail Sirdah

Jan. 16, 2021 / PRZen / DULUTH, Ga. — 1.     Promote basic pandemic-proof habits

As in-person events resume, planners are advertising by social media to take extra measures to inform participants of social “dos and don’ts.” For example, handshaking is not as ubiquitous as it used to be. Many will want to refrain from physical contact of any kind. Organizers can encourage this.

Assuring participants that organizers are taking these pandemic-proof habits seriously will greatly relieve anxiety for conscientious attendees, says Ismail Sirdah.

2.     Limit in-person attendance and Increase virtual participation

With the many digital tools available to help event planners launch a hybrid model, it is in everyone’s best interest that more people utilize virtual attendance. Not only does this lower event costs, but it keeps groups small and reduces the risk of another outbreak.

3.     Utilize outdoors for mixers and meals

Ismail Sirdah note that spacious outdoor gatherings are safer than indoors. When the conference is not in session, planners can organize mixers and meals outside. This simple adjustment can reduce the risk of sickness or another pandemic.

4.     Focus on post-event activities

It’s critical to remember that a marketing event is most successful when participants continue collaborating after the event, says Ismail Sirdah. The more post-event activities planners can promote, the more valuable the event will be.

5.     Use menus instead of buffets

Planning meal times carefully can greatly reduce health concerns and increase participation. For example, buffets force everyone to touch the same utensils. Even with sneeze guards, mouth and nasal droplets can infect food on the buffet line.

Instead, planners can hand out menus and cater orders to the event. This ensures that only sanitized food prep staff handle the meals says Ismail Sirdah

6.     Don’t shame mask wearing

Even after COVID-19, many will prefer to wear masks at in-person events, shares Ismail Sirdah. Planners and hosts can encourage this, especially for those that are prone to sickness at certain times of the year. When promoting the event, adding a positive word about mask wearing can encourage nervous attendees that leaders are taking health concerns seriously.

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