September 29, 2023


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Comcast Advertising will relaunch its multi-screen media solution

Comcast Advertising has announced that it will relaunch it multi-screen media solution  under the branding AudienceXpress. The platform will automate the way U.S. advertisers reach audiences across screens – including broadcast, cable, digital and connected TV – and enables them to measure campaigns in real-time with incremental reach and attribution solutions included in the offering.

AudienceXpress also leverages aggregated Comcast viewership data, in addition to first- and third-party data, to allow advertisers to “reach the right audiences”. The platform is integrated with major MVPDs (providing coverage of over 300M consumers) – a feature which Comcast advertising believes furnishes advertisers with “superior forecasting visibility”.

Comcast initially acquired AudienceXpress in 2015, alongside VisibleWorld – its parent company, whose capabilities were housed within FreeWheel. Going forward, FreeWheel Media (the media solutions team within FreeWheel) will also operate under the AudienceXpress brand.

Brian Wallach, Head of Revenue at AudienceXpress, said: “AudienceXpress offers advertisers scaled premium TV advertising across screens. In addition, decisions are guided by high-quality data that helps us plan better, measure more accurately and most importantly, help our clients act on those results. At AudienceXpress, as the name implies, we are continuously and quickly providing updated results on audience delivery and performance, then adjusting as needed to maximise success.”

Pooja Midha, Chief Growth Officer, Comcast Advertising, said: “Our advertising technology has advanced significantly over the past few years, and the AudienceXpress name perfectly reflects the fit between our solution and the growing need for advertisers to easily reach specific audiences – not just demographics – across all screens.

“That is exactly what this solution does. With AudienceXpress, advertisers can reach their audiences on premium inventory at scale with white-glove service and an industry-leading delivery rate. In a complicated and fragmented marketplace, AudienceXpress provides direct, easy and scaled access to the premium TV audiences that matter.”