April 21, 2024


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EUR/JPY vs USD/CAD day 2

As mentioned yesterday, EUR/JPY and USD/CAD charted failed to reveal the formal crossover. Yet the cross occurred. The result to trade by charts is a late entry and missed profits. Its not what  is earned in trading, its what was missed.

As further mentioned yesterday, the ECB at 10 am EST would reveal the cross over. This happened exactly as stated. See below.

Prices at yesterday’s ECB was USD/CAD 1.2785 and 126.76 for EUR/JPY. We can easily factor this crossover but the problem is the cross already happened. What we have as of yesterday at ECB 10 am is a wider move for both USD/CAD and EUR/JPY. Which means more pofits from yesterday.

A wider move means an average of 54 pips to the spread Vs yesterday at 9 pips. Add 54 pips to 1.2785 and the result is 1.2839. Yesterday CAD traded to 1.2834 or 49 pips.

EUR/JPY traded to lows at 126.53 or 23 pips and shy of its 54 intended target at 125.99. The alert is USD/CAD is outperforming EUR/JPY.

Yesterday’s cross for USD/CAD profited from 1.2693 at +72 pips. Now add another 49 and the profit becomes +121 for the week and done in 2 days.

EUR/JPY yesterday morning profited from 126.93 + 17 pips and + 40 pips for the week.

Total profits for USD/CAD and EUR/JPY + 161 pips in 2 days.

The alert is USD/CAD is outperforming EUR/JPY by many pips.

To view the entirety of the actual cross is done in 2 ways. By the weekly trade or by the daily trade by interest rates. Both are exact.

USD/CAD Weekly Trade

 Long 1.2664 and 1.2651 to target 1.2801. Target achieved however lows traded to 1.2694 which means the trade profit already was +107 pips. And we did nothing to earn the money. And we have 17 more pairs to trade. If each pair earned just 100 pips then the profit on 18 currencies is 1800 pips. And we did nothing to earn the money.

Next we view day trades especially as day trades earns more money to add to the 107 pips.

Yesterday USD/CAD tops at 1.2819 and achieved. Today’s highs 1.2830 on a break at 1.2797.

EUR/JPY Yesterday

Lows from Interest rates 126.24, 126.41 and 126.56. EUR/JPY traded to 126.53.

Today. Lows 126.34, 126.19 and 126.02. The bottom dropped 22 pips.

Day trades are perfect and exact because interest rates are transposed to exchange rates. Weekly trades are exact because its all about MA’s.