Flags, Symbols & Forex of Niue

The National Flag of Niue was formally adopted on Oct 15, 1975. The flag has been made by Patricia Rex, who was the spouse of the former Premier – Robert Rex.

The Countrywide Flag of Niue functions a golden yellow qualifications with the flag of the United Kingdom (Union Jack) in the higher hoist-aspect quadrant. The Flag of the British isles bears five yellow 5-pointed stars – a big yellow star on a navy-blue disk in the centre and a lesser yellow star on every arm of the daring pink cross. The Union Jack symbolizes Niue’s safety by the United Kingdom. The golden yellow track record signifies the vivid sunshine of Niue and the heat and friendship amongst the citizens of Niue and New Zealand. The more substantial yellow star stands for Niue, although the more compact yellow stars recall the Southern Cross constellation on the New Zealand flag and symbolize the near one-way links among Niue and New Zealand. The navy-blue disk that is made up of the big yellow star, symbolizes the deep blue seas that surround the self-governing island nation of Niue. The flag has a height-to-width proportion ratio of 1:2.

Historical and Other Flags of Niue

Symbols of Niue

Seal of Niue

The recent formal Seal of Niue was established in 1974. In the center of the Seal is the Coat of Arms of New Zealand. The Coat of Arms of New Zealand has a defend which is divided into 4 quarters. The initial quarter incorporates the Southern Cross constellation in the second quarter a golden fleece in the 3rd quarter a sheaf of wheat and two crossed hammers are contained in the fourth quarter. In the middle of the 4 quarters, there is a white band that contains a few black ships. Supporting the shield are two women– 1 female who is dressed in white robes and carrying the flag of New Zealand, and yet another woman, a Maori warrior carrying a Taiaha, who is a agent of the indigenous inhabitants. A royal crown is placed on the head of the protect and a ribbon with the phrases “New Zealand” is put at the bottom of the protect. All of this is positioned on a white circle with the words and phrases – “Public Seal of Niue” prepared on the best and “Niue” prepared under.

Nationwide Anthem

  • Anthem Title: “Ko e Iki he Lagi” (“The Lord in heaven, Thou art merciful”)
  • &#13

  • Audio Composer: Sioeli Fusikata
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  • Lyricist: Unfamiliar
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  • Day of Adoption: 1974
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“Ko e Iki he Lagi” (“The Lord in heaven, Thou artwork merciful”) is the national anthem of Niue. The audio has been composed by Sioeli Fusikata. The lyricist of the anthem is however not known. The anthem was formally adopted in 1974 when Niue became a self-governing and a cost-free related point out with New Zealand. “God Preserve the Queen” has been retained as the royal anthem of Niue.

Ko e Iki he Lagi (Niuean)

Ko e Iki he Lagi

Kua fakaalofa mai

Ki Niue nei, ki Niue nei

Kua pule totonu

E Patuiki toatu

Kua pule okooko ki Niue nei

Ki Niue nei, ki Niue nei

Ki Niue nei, ki Niue nei

Kua pule okooko ki Niue nei

Kua pule ki Niue nei

The Lord in heaven, Thou artwork merciful

The Lord in Heaven

Who enjoys


Who procedures kindly

The Almighty

Who rules wholly in excess of Niue

In excess of Niue, More than Niue

Around Niue, More than Niue

Who guidelines totally about Niue

Who regulations over Niue

The Currency of Niue is the New Zealand dollar

The latest formal currency of Niue is the New Zealand greenback (NZD). It was established in 1967 changing the aged New Zealand pound.


Coins in the denominations of 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, and $1 and $2 are now issued.


Notes in the denominations of $5, $10, S20, $50, $100 are presently issued.