Flags, Symbols & Forex of Norfolk Island

The Formal Flag of Norfolk Island was officially adopted on January 17, 1980. The Norfolk Island Council authorized the design and style of the flag on June 6, 1979.

The Official Flag of Norfolk Islands capabilities 3 vertical bands of environmentally friendly (hoist aspect), white, and inexperienced. A massive inexperienced Norfolk Island pine tree (Araucaria heterophylla) is centered in the a bit broader white band of the flag. The inexperienced colour of the flag symbolizes the prosperous vegetation on the island. The pine tree is endemic to the islands and is a symbol of Norfolk Island. The white shade symbolizes peace and harmony among the people and the organic entire world. The flag has a peak-to-width proportion ratio of 1:2.

Historic and Other Flags of Norfolk Islands

Symbols of Norfolk Island

The Countrywide Coat of Arms of Norfolk Islands

The existing formal Coat of Arms of Norfolk Island was adopted on Oct 20, 1980. It capabilities a shield. On the protect is a Norfolk Island Pine Tree put on a rocky mount. The two stars on the defend refer to the Arms of Australia, New South Wales as perfectly as the Arms of Captain James Cook – the discoverer of the Island. The two anchors and the naval crown represents the maritime heritage of the very first settlers on the Norfolk and Pitcairn Islands. It also displays the great importance of seas and oceans in the record of these islands. The ebook on the defend stands for the Bible taken from HMS Bounty. Supporting the defend is a lion and a Kangaroo. The Lion symbolizes the Island’s historic ties with Uk, New South Wales, and Tasmania. The Kangaroo alludes to the Island’s ties with Australia. The included cup on the protect is taken from the arms of the founder of Pitcairn settlement – Fletcher Christian.  The lion wears a laurel wreath obtained from the arms of Captain James Cook dinner. The motto: “INASMUCH” is taken from the Gospel of Matthew (25:34).



Nationwide Anthem

“God Help save the Queen” is the official countrywide anthem as nicely as the royal anthem of Norfolk Islands. Nevertheless, a area territorial anthem titled, “Arrive Ye Blessed” is usually sung at most of the ceremonies held on the island territory. The songs has been composed by John Prindle Scott and the lyrics have been taken from the Gospel of Mattew (25: 34-36 & 40). 

The Forex of Norfolk Island is the Australian greenback

The present formal currency of Norfolk Islands is the Australian dollar (A$, AUD). Australian Dollar is divided into 100 cents.


5, 10, 20, and 50 cents and 1- and 2-greenback denomination coins are presently readily available.


5, 10-, 20-, 50- and 100-greenback denomination banknotes are currently out there.

There are at this time only two banking institutions that are situated in Burnt Pine on the Norfolk Islands: The Commonwealth Bank and the Westpac Financial institution.  The Commonwealth Financial institution only has an ATM.