May 29, 2024


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Forex current market: EUR/USD vs CAD/ZAR

In the January 2020 write-up, EUR predicts EUR, I exposed how to component by calculator how all EUR/USD roadways lead to EUR/GBP by possibly EUR/USD reciprocals or as EUR/USD observed by most as 1.2250 for instance.

And for fascinated, from November 2019 to January 2020, situated on site  is GBP Predicts GBP, AUD Predicts AUD, NZD predicts NZD, CAD predicts CAD and JPY predicts JPY.

Traders learn how to trade accurate exchange prices by trade rates utilizing a calculator. Not only very simple and really worthwhile but its all mathematically proper. And requires 2 seconds.

EUR/USD fantastic opposite forex pair is CAD/ZAR. Peter Wadkins wrote around quite a few several years, CAD/ZAR is the accurate commodity forex. because of to the blend and CAD/ZAR derivation as USD/CAD and USD/ZAR.

Obtain CAD/ZAR selling price by divide USD/ZAR by USD/CAD. Currently CAD/ZAR buying and selling value is 11.36 by USD/ZAR 14.5777 divide USD/CAD 1.2823.

CAD/ZAR major superior / Lower break is located at 11.86 and EUR/USD 1.1974.

CAD/ZAR as EUR/USD fantastic opposite forex is the very same as saying CAD/ZAR is the best opposite to EUR/USD simply because CAD/ZAR is essentially a USD forex Pair. If EUR/USD is remodeled to its reciprocal as USD/EUR then CAD/ZAR and USD/EUR develop into the identical specific similar forex pair. See the first chart down below.

CAD/ZAR usually moves considerably wider than EUR/USD.

Tactic. If CAD/ZAR breaks higher than 11.86 then it trades greater and EUR/USD trades reduced. A lot reduce.

Below 1 7 days USD/EUR Vs CAD/ZAR


Below 1 7 days EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR. EUR/USD to superior and CAD/ZAR to very low


EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR 1 thirty day period


EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR 3 months


EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR 1 Yr and the Major Crossover


EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR 2 many years