September 29, 2023


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Improving Strength Will Improve Shooting Accuracy

If you’re tired of missing wide-open shots, it might be time to do strength training. Increasing your core strength through weightlifting can help improve your accuracy and make you much more consistent in the field.

Improving your shooting accuracy with strength training has benefits beyond basketball, too—it can make you much more confident in all areas of life that require physical effort. Read on if you want to learn how to improve your basketball shooting accuracy with strength training.

What Muscles Do You Use When Shooting?

The three muscles used in shooting are the biceps, triceps, and pectoralis major. The most important muscles for shooting a basketball are the biceps because they provide an extension of the elbow during shooting.

This muscle is also responsible for flexing the wrist and arm during the follow-through. The triceps is primarily responsible as an extensor muscle of the elbow joint while it assists in abduction and adduction movements at the shoulder joint.

Finally, the pectoralis major is mainly responsible for elevating, retracting, rotating, and stabilizing the scapula. Strengthening these three main muscle groups will help players improve their accuracy by keeping more control of their shot release.

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Ways to Build Muscle

Muscle strength is essential for shooting accuracy, so getting stronger will help your shooting. Here are some ways you can get stronger: practice your jump shot from various angles, which will give you a chance to build up your core muscles.

Perform squats and lunges as leg exercises to improve leg strength, which aids in jumping ability; Do push-ups and chest presses for chest and arm strengthening, which also helps create explosiveness on the court. 

Exercises for Better Shooting

Before diving into any training, let’s review a few fundamental guidelines. First, take note of your grip, elbow, and hand placement. Proper placement ensures better balance, stability, and a stable platform for releasing the ball.

Ensure you are in a good stance before starting your shot and maintain it throughout the motion. Once you reach the point where you would normally release the ball, take one last look at it before letting go to help keep your arms stable for the shot.

Workout Plan for Better Results

This workout will improve your body’s abilities and strengthen you. Once you gain muscle, strength training benefits will go beyond shooting accuracy, and your entire game will improve.

You’ll be able to defend better and drive more effectively against opponents for better opportunities. Work out three times a week for about 30 minutes each time. The program comprises three phases: warm-up, compound exercises, and cool-down.

Phase 1 includes light cardio activity and dynamic stretching to prepare your muscles for the work ahead. Phase 2 includes challenging exercises to build muscles but not so hard that they’ll hurt or tire you out too quickly.

Phase 3 is an intense interval session where you do short bursts of exercise, followed by short breaks between each set. At this point in the workout, fatigue should set in, so take care not to push yourself too hard; take as many breaks as needed during this phase.

Common Mistakes in Training

Many basketball players make the mistake of thinking they can get away with strength training only once a week, or worse yet, three times a week. Though we know you’re busy and have little time for yourself, this will not improve your shooting ability.

So instead, go hard in the weight room five days a week and incorporate some plyometric or explosive work into your routine. These exercises are great for enhancing agility, quickness, and explosiveness.


One of the biggest factors determining how well you can shoot from the field in basketball is your strength and conditioning level. The stronger you are, the more likely you are to make your shots and avoid unnecessary turnovers, which leads to more wins for your team and an improvement in your game overall. Here’s how to increase your strength training routine with an ultimate guide to improving your basketball shooting accuracy through strength training.