June 25, 2024


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Jeremy Meindl On Failing in Digital Marketing

Jeremy Meindl

Jeremy Meindl

Part one and part two with Jeremy Meindl was more on black hat SEO stuff and now in part three, we get into more white hat topics talking about CRM targeting. Then in the last part, we spoke more about his failures over the years.

Jeremy explained a lot of times, every failure is an opportunity in disguise. So if you work with clients, when your clients mess up, or you mess up, you can set them up as new opportunities. He, of course, dropped another black hat SEO tactic around negative SEO, using adult site links; in any event, we moved on from that.

He recommends you keep trying, testing, and failing because you will learn a lot and do better in the long run.

Trying something new is super important and make sure to measure it.

We also spoke about affiliate marketing and how competitive it is.

You can learn more about Jeremy Meindl by Googling him or at Target IQ.

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