June 25, 2024


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Leveraging the power of branded links to get more clicks

Leveraging the power of branded links to get more clicks

In a world where people are bombarded with marketing messages left and right, it can take much work to get your target audience to pay attention to your brand. But one effective way to cut through the noise is with branded links. 

Branded links are hyperlinks that include your brand name or logo in the link text. They help you stand out from the sea of generic links that people see every day, and they can increase click-through rates by up to 39%. If you’re looking for a way to get more clicks and boost your brand awareness, read on for our top ways to use branded links.

Importance of custom branded links for businesses

Custom-branded links are essential for businesses because they help create a more professional image and increase click-through rates. Using a custom URL shortener with your brand name can make your links more recognizable and easier to remember. This can build trust with potential customers and make them more likely to click on your links.

As a marketer, you would already know that a brand-driven solid marketing strategy is the key to turning prospects into customers. Branding, however, takes at least months, forcing you to focus on performance marketing instead.

As a result, you keep going back and forth between setting the longer-term direction and executing the shorter-term actions. Branded links can make your life easier.

How Branded Short Links Can Help You Build a Great Online Brand?

If you’re looking to build a solid online brand, branded short links can be a great way to get more clicks and boost your visibility. By creating short, customized links that include your brand name or logo, you can make it easy for customers and potential customers to find your website or the product page. 

And because branded links are more likely to be clicked on than generic links, you can also use them to increase traffic to your site and improve your search engine ranking.

There are several ways to use branded short links to get more clicks. For example, you can include them in email campaigns, social media posts, or even offline marketing materials such as print ads or flyers. You can also add branded short links to your website or blog to help visitors find your most popular content. And if you have a mobile app, you can use branded short links to drive downloads and encourage users to rate and review your app.

Whatever way you choose to use branded short links, the important thing is to make sure they’re easy to remember and relevant to your brand. A good rule of thumb is to keep them under 20 characters so they’re short enough for people to type out. And if you’re using multiple branded short links, consider using a URL shortener so people can easily see which link goes where. 

A few best ways to use branded links effectively to get more clicks are as follows:

1. Use branded links in your social media posts.

When you share a link on social media, make sure to use your brand’s name as the anchor text. This will help people recognize your brand and click through to your site.

2. Incorporate branded links into your email marketing campaigns.

Include links to your website or blog in your email signature and the body of your emails when appropriate. Again, make sure to use your brand’s name as the anchor text, so recipients know where they’re clicking through to.

3. Feature branded links prominently on your website.

Make sure visitors to your site can easily find links to your social media profiles and other important pages by including them in prominent places, such as the header or footer of your site.

4. Use branded links in ads and other marketing materials.

Including a link to your website in ads, flyers, and other marketing materials is a great way to increase traffic and get more people familiar with your brand. Use effective branding and design techniques so that people will want to click on your ad!

By following these tips, you can ensure that your branded short links are a practical part of your overall marketing strategy. 

How To Get Custom Branded Links With O-Trim?

O-Trim is a free URL shortening tool by ONPASSIVE Technologies Pvt.Ltd, which can be accessed by registering into the ONPASSIVE ecosystem. Creating branded URLs with O-Trim takes only a few minutes. You can get started by following the detailed steps provided below. 


Step 1: paste your long link in the first field. 

Step 2: Add custom name 

Step 3: Add Alias name 

Step 4: Click on the trim URL button.

As you can see, a link management solution like O-Trim makes it easy to create your own custom-branded links. Additionally, O-Trim allows you to track and analyze branded URLs, run split tests to see how different marketing campaigns perform and create dynamic link redirects. And your custom short link is now ready in seconds. Get started with O-Trim today and quickly increase your brand awareness with amazing link management features.


Building brand awareness is critical to its success and growth but has always been challenging. Choosing the right marketing tools for your business can also be daunting. Branded URL Shortener is more user-friendly and inspirational. It helps build customer relationships, increase brand awareness, drive clicks and audience attention for shared content, save time, and improve marketing strategies.

Start sharing your content and improving your user experience! Shortening your branded URLs can be a lot more fun with the right tools like O-Trim.

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