June 15, 2024


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Lilvera Team Baggage Award | THISDAYLIVE

Lilvera Group, a consultancy company centered on built-in advertising communication has won the 2020 Africa Finance Award for the ‘Most Purchaser Focused Experiential Marketing and advertising classification.

Lilvera Nigeria was introduced with the most buyer focused experiential marketing and advertising award at the ninth edition of the award held in Lagos, recently.

Immediately after acquiring the award, the Lilvera Nigeria Chief Thoughts Officer, Buchi Johnson thanked the organisers, stating: “this is the testomony to the simple fact that the business has performed well in 2020 that is recognized to be the most hard calendar year.”

He said, “We are honoured by this award thinking of that there are so several wonderful experiential internet marketing with great shopper tractions in Africa. We have been favored by winning the 2020 the most buyer focused experiential corporation award. Really do not ignore this has been the craziest calendar year for small business,” he quipped.

Johnson, who thought that the honour has spot a load on the company’s shoulder to continually supply on its main mandates, nonetheless focused the award top his clientele that have showed unflinching supports to his craft and firm’s skill to produce at all periods.

The Chief Thoughts Officer stated that without the staff at Lilvera Nigeria, the honour would have been elusive.

“I believe aside from our clients, the staff at Lilvera Nigeria has consistently place in the change to get us to exactly where we are nowadays. Their endeavours are the motive we acquire this award and devoid of them this would not have develop into achievable,” he stated.

On the value of the award to the organization, Johnson, who mentioned the firm’s topic this 12 months was to integrate believing that the Africa Finance Award would spur the corporation to proceed to integrate, “listen more to the customers, become more mindful of its environment and persistently see shoppers as the king.”