June 19, 2024


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Managed vs. Unmanaged Web Hosting: What to Choose? 

Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting – Explained

Hosting is the foundation of your website, which offers security, server resources, website accessibility, and more to the user. And buying Domain and Web Hosting, which complement your websites, is crucial.

However, all Web Hosting services are categorized under Managed and Unmanaged Web Hosting. Therefore, choosing one among them will be confusing and time-consuming for many. 

In this blog, we’ll learn the differences between Managed and Unmanaged Web Hosting and try to understand which option you have to choose.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting is a hosting in which the Web Hosting provider manages every aspect of hosting, including software updates, setting up the server,  security, backups, and technical aspects.

Managed Website Hosting is an ideal solution for businesses that wish to focus on their core business work and stay worry-free from the technical aspects of hosting.

What is Unmanaged Hosting?

Unmanaged Web Hosting is where the website owner will take care of all the components and aspects of hosting themselves. 

It includes setting the server to all the security, software, technical management, and updates.

It proved a cost-effective and flexible solution for those with technical expertise in hosting management.

Managed Hosting vs. Unmanaged Hosting 

CriteriaManaged HostingUnmanaged Hosting
Server ManagementThe hosting provider handles server setup, updates, security, and maintenance.The website owner is responsible for server setup, updates, security, and maintenance.
Technical Support24/7 technical support is available.Limited or no technical support is provided.
CustomizationLimited control over server settings and configurations.Full control over server settings and configurations.
Expertise RequiredNo technical expertise is required.Technical expertise and server management skills are necessary.
CostGenerally, the Managed Hosting pricing is expensive.Generally less expensive compared to managed-to-host.
ScalabilityScalable plans and resources are available.Limited scalability options.
SecurityThe hosting provider implements security measures.The website owner is responsible for implementing and maintaining security measures.
BackupThe hosting provider provides regular backups.The website owner is responsible for implementing and managing backups.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Web Hosting: What to Choose?

So when it comes to choosing between Fully Managed Web Hosting or Unmanaged Web Hosting, then you can consider the following main factors such as:

  1. Technical Expertise: It means knowledge and skill in handling technical issues and aspects related to Web Hosting, such as server infrastructure, operating systems, web server software, security considerations, application deployment, and more.
  2. Time: It means how much time you can give you can have to manage everything.
  3. Commitment: It means how much commitment you have or how much you want to dedicate your time and effort to your core business.
  4. Budget: It means how much money you can spend on hosting. 


Managed and Unmanaged Web Hosting are both viable options. 

Still, knowing the difference between them and considering some factors, you can easily select which option will align more with your business goals. 

Because choosing the right Web Hosting services is a way to achieve your business goals online efficiently and effectively.