September 29, 2023


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Most Popular Websites To Buy Second Hand Designer Bags 

10 Best Designer Resale Stores: Buy second-hand luxury online

Designer bags symbolize a high standard of life as they showcase someone’s success and high sense of style. Mostly looking stylish comes with a cost because most of the designer bags are extremely expensive. In the case where one is thinking of waiting till the clearance sale day for the prices to be low, then that is close to impossible when dealing with designers as there is hardly a clearance sale. The second-hand products are thriving since that is the cheaper option that one is left with. The value of the handbags always remains undiminished. There are advantageous points to look out for when dealing with second-hand handbags, and that include prices being more affordable, elimination of the waiting time, and it is a sustainable practice. There is the issue of having websites that offer counterfeit items. Fake products are prevalent. There are fake items that can’t be distinguished from the legit items, which involve the ‘triple-A fakes’ and ‘super fakes’; even the people that claim to have a trained eye tend to confuse the product’s quality. However, there is no requirement of worry as we are here to help in finding the best websites to shop for second handbags. ReviewsBird got you covered in finding authentic websites. 


This site was designed to provide swiftness, directness, and transparency. The site offers access to luxurious items like branded handbags, totes, clutches, pouches, and anything else in the middle of it. Brands like Lois Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Hermes are available here. Rebag is an online shopping website that enables you to return your purchased item within six months in the case where you don’t want to keep it in the exchange for credit which is worth 70% of its buying price. This is an easier way of changing various bags without paying full price hence aiding in refreshing the wardrobe. There is an in-house team that deals with vetting, inspecting, and approving the bags sold on Rebag. Rebag monitors the items closely so that only the authentic bags get to be sold on the websites. Once on the website, it’s upon you to find the right bag that pleases you. 

Vestiaire Collective 

This site was launched in 2009. It is the leading community-driven platform for desired second-hand fashion. This site is dedicated to diversifying group fashion lovers globally and encouraging the purchase of pre-owned bags as a sustainable alternative to constructing the admired catalogue of desired pieces. Purchases keep growing each week making it the most frequently visited online website to purchase and secondhand unique fashion and quality items. It is vital to be keen when investing in a pre-owned bag; factors like longevity, future resale value, and desirability must be considered. There are classic styles and iconic designers that increase in value or maintain their initial value without deteriorating. Choosing a neutral color and classic designs is a safe way that does not go out of fashion. 


Fashionpile was launched in 1999. Fashionpile initially commenced selling items on eBay before becoming the leading online selling site. This is one of the initial online sites that was established for luxury sales. It is an outstanding and most trusted pre-owned online store for luxurious bags. Various brands like Balenciaga, Celine, Fendi, Chanel, and Christian Dior are available on this site. A recent announcement states that there is a partnership with Neiman Marcus to aid customers of the brand in easily selling their second-hand products and acquiring store credit on their upcoming purchases. It is also possible to use one’s credit to pump one’s addiction into fashion.  

The RealReal 

The RealReal was launched in 2011. It is a site that deals with accessories. It is a popular resale website where you can get used items that are in good shape. They have specialized people who confirm the authenticity of their products and ensure counterfeit items are not sold. It is a site that makes the consignment process easier because it does all the work of the consignor. The RealReal restocks its items frequently, so it becomes easier to get trending items. It is possible to turn on the alert button so as to get notified when there is new arrival of the second-hand bags. 

In conclusion, designer bags showcase a high profile, and many people have bags that serve different purposes and are attached to different emotions. It is possible to get affordable and authentic designer bags that serve the intended purpose.