April 16, 2024


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Murcian businessmen journey to Ecuador to investigate new organization opportunities

A delegation of businessmen from the Region of Murcia has traveled to Ecuador with the aim of strengthening industrial relations with the Andean country and bettering Murcia’s export equilibrium, which totaled approximately 16 million euro very last year, doubling its worth in just 4 many years.

Miguel Macias, the Ecuadorian consul in Murcia who headed the delegation, told Efe that there was continue to a lot of ground to examine. “We can carry a great deal of Spain’s agricultural know-how below, through selected manufacturers. Our fruit is extremely robust, and I imagine there is an fascinating desire in Spain and in the relaxation of Europe,” he said.

The delegation is built up of businessmen from various sectors, together with the financial investment, building, agriculture, field, and transportation sectors, amongst other people. Juan Pedro Marín, from Coso 55 Inversiones, a business focused to the import and export of agricultural goods, considers Ecuador is a region with numerous possibilities.

“We are interested in importing to Spain Ecuadorian solutions that are pretty intriguing. Bananas, for illustration. We have a very proper market place for them in Spain,” he claimed. On the other hand, there are a lot of other exciting solutions, these as avocado, the heart of palm, mango, peach, dragon fruit, or roses, Macias said.

Another of the businesses present on this excursion is Moyca, a European leader in the output and commercialization of seedless table grapes and whose workforce is 80% Ecuadorian.

Macias highlighted the drip program used by this company, including that this engineering would be critical to improve his country’s agriculture in arid zones. “Quite a few of the Spanish firms can function as a nexus to choose much more products and solutions to Europe,” he proposed.

According to 2019 knowledge, a overall of 155 Murcian corporations bought their items in Ecuador. The organizations that sold containers and packaging (6.34 million), fluid managing gear (3.1), and equipment (2.2) occupied the leading positions in the regional position.

The small business conference, which will be followed in Could by a go to of a delegation of Ecuadorian businessmen to Murcia, is element of the commitment obtained last summer months by the Consulate of Ecuador just before the Murcian Governing administration, as a final result of an arrangement signed with the Institute of Promotion to boost cooperation concerning both of those functions, specially in agricultural technological innovation.


Resource: Efe / eldiario.es