June 17, 2024


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T.J. House Reveals He Is Gay And Announces Engagement

T.J. House is a former baseball player who used to be a pitcher in the Major League. He has recently announced that he is engaged as well as come out publicly and declared that he is gay. T.J. House is engaged to Ryan Neitzel, his partner, and he took to his Facebook account on 8th December 2022, Thursday to announce his engagement. He seems thrilled and happily in love in his engagement photographs. 

Engagement Announcement By T.J. House 

We all know T.J. House as a pitcher playing in the Toronto Blue Jays as well as Cleveland Guardians during the seasons 2014 to 2017. However, it must be noted that House is only the 3rd Baseball Major League player that has taken the courage to publicly declare that he is gay. 

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Before T.J. House, there was Billy Bean who came out in public. Billy Bean is remembered as a player for Padres San Diego, Dodgers Los Angeles, and Detroit Tigers during the 1990s. In addition, Oakland Athletics and Dodgers Los Angeles player from the 1980s, Glenn Burke had also made the decision to declare that he is gay. 

MLB Player Comes Out As Gay 

T.J. House wrote in his Facebook engagement post that he has received immense love as an MLB player but now he is looking for love as a person. He is proud to declare he is gay and very happy that he has found love. He is no longer ashamed to come out and found the strength to show his true self. 

House mentioned the Marriage Act and hopes it will protect his rights by allowing him to marry his partner. His sexuality was hidden for several years but now he thinks is the right time to open up and be who he truly is.