June 25, 2024


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Top 10 B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies That Can Bring You Better ROI

Who said Instagram is just for posting photos and videos? It’s more than just an average entertainment platform. At present, the Millennials are investing half of their time into social media platforms. This, in one way, has provided a great opportunity for marketers to boost their business sales. Instagram today has become one of the strongest channels for brand marketing and has reportedly helped several B2B businesses to increase their revenues easily.

Also, as per research conducted by TrackMaven, B2B companies are currently experiencing the highest engagement ratio in social media platforms like Instagram. Instagram is currently fostering huge interactions as per the number of followers. Instagram not only helps in the promotion of posts via commenting mode, but it even provides the space for photos, text, and videos on the platform directly, so that your followers do not have to look for the content of your business elsewhere.

10 B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram holds a plethora of benefits for B2B marketing. Here I have listed out a few strategies which can be leveraged for Instagram marketing. Let’s have a look at it one by one:

  1. Create an appealing Instafeed

A well-built Instagram profile is a must for your users to remain glued to your page. Create an alluring call to action button. This might excite the users to click on it and check out your website as well. A professional designers team can help you in creating daunting images for your Instagram feed. Find out how brands like ‘Iconosquare’ are bringing in more users by creating eye-catching news feeds.

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2. Display your brand story

Talking about your brand is highly important for your Instagram B2B marketing. Never go for promoting your business directly on social media platforms, as people might get irritated with direct promotion. However, if you are posting visually appealing images that talk a lot about your brand, people might get interested to have a peek into it.

Apart from putting your brand description and contact information, you also need to reach out to your potential customers with content like visual images and videos that actually speak a lot about your brand.

Utilize the feed content part to convey your brand story to the audience. People ought to know about your brand in order to utilize your products and services and become your advocates.

3. Go for influencer marketing

An influencer or content creator can help you to bring in more engagement on your Instagram feeds. They will share their genuine opinion and other information on different products, topics, and services of yours.

B2B influencer marketing can help in accelerating your brand awareness. Instagram is being currently used widely by most of the B2B companies for bringing their business to the forefront. However, only 11% of the B2B brands have started working on influencer marketing programs.

4. Show your team strength

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Speaking more about the “Behind The Scenes” or “BTS” people is something that your followers would love to see. Most of the B2B brands are now putting forward their workforce faces in their business. For gaining goodwill towards the company, businesses are now utilizing the IGTV channel and introducing their employees, who are the main people behind the company’s success. This mind-blowing strategy has garnered them massive followers.

Apart from that, you can also make use of the Instagram story section and show your team’s hard work. Almost 500 million daily Instagram users go through the Instagram stories. This creates a lucrative opportunity for the B2B marketers to promote their business or bring more followers to their business page.

5. Use hashtags

Another strategy of B2B marketing is allowing your customers to learn more about your expertise. You can do this by promoting educational content that will focus more on your products and services. Make use of bite-sized content or quotes as well, that will talk about what your business actually deals with.

Also, make use of hashtags to gain more reach on Instagram. Ensure that you are using proper business hashtags that showcase your expertise. Remember, hashtags play an essential role for your target audience in finding out your business.

6. Explain how your products/ services can be utilized

As a B2B brand, you need to simplify your process of purchasing. Make use of Instagram and explain how an individual can utilize your products and services in a simplified manner. For example, you can upload short explainer videos that would provide a demo to your followers on how to use your products or services.

Apart from this, you can also provide the product reviews or service reviews of your business as this will educate your followers about your product. You can even provide your users with a free trial option that will ensure a boost in the number of followers on your Instagram business page and also end up converting your potential customers into leads. Here’s an instance of how a brand like ‘Amplify Education’ has made use of the “free trial” concept.

7. Increase In Traffic To Your Site

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By utilizing Instagram, you can drive more traffic to your website. Yes, and that too by having few tactics or strategies pre-set.

First, include a website link directly on your Instagram bio. This will help your visitors or followers to get redirected to your company website if they try entering through your profile.

Also, you need to regularly post images or videos, where you can implement a CTA button or a URL link. This link will help the visitors to visit your website with just one click.

Apart from this, if you are using Instagram Ad, then it is guaranteed that you will drive more traffic to your website. If you are offering clickable URLs in your Instagram Ad, then you are allowing your followers to get involved with your digital campaigns directly.

8. Building Trust With Your Audience

Instagram has the innate ability to reach an untapped audience. The more you are active on your Instagram business page, the more your presence will be displayed in front of your potential customers. Also, with regular interaction with your potential customers, you will be able to make better business.

Also, your goal should be to target those audiences who are highly interested in your brand or the type of products or services you offer. Instagram also sees a factor of cold targeting which means that people have never heard or seen your business before. But with Instagram Ad campaigns, you can even turn your cold audience into leads.

9. Utilize Instagram ad campaigns

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Start with Ad campaigns for Instagram. Advertise as per people’s behavior and interest on your Instagram business page.

For instance, potential customers visit your site, but they leave without browsing your website completely. However, later they surf Instagram, and somehow your Ad appears in front of their mobile or desktop screen and they somehow find it interesting.

This keeps your customer’s eyes glued to the screen, then the possibilities are higher that your potential customer is turned into your happy customers. In this way, you are on a path to build a trust factor with your customers.

10. Share your client testimonials

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In the event that a potential client is keen on your products and services, the primary thing the person in question would search for is your client testimonials and success stories of the projects undertaken. It would be tedious for them to visit your site and afterward look at the testimonial segment or the customer review segment. Subsequently, it will be ideal in the event that you can share the case studies or success stories on your Instagram page.

Individuals who prior buy a product or service from you may be intrigued to make another buy and they may turn into your bringing the customer back. For B2B marketing, this is one of the apt and veritable procedures for getting out more cash. You can straightforwardly upload your client reviews and video testimonials to the IGTV section. This will guarantee that you are acquiring followers as well as making business.

In the bottom line

Marketing on social media can be extremely easy especially when it comes to Instagram. The only thing you need here is the right marketing strategies. If you are able to apply these proven strategies, then you are sure to gain a winning edge.

To wind it up, let’s summarize the 10 marketing strategies we just discussed. This includes creating an appealing Insta feed, displaying your brand story, going for influencer marketing, showing your team strength, using hashtags, explaining your products or services utilization, increasing traffic to your site, building trust with your audience, utilizing Instagram ad campaigns, and sharing your client testimonials.

Do you have any other B2B Instagram marketing strategies in mind? Let me know in the comments section below.