May 25, 2024


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Top online trends for 2023

Keeping it fresh

As you prepare to conquer the coming year, make sure your game plan is shaped by the top online trends for 2023. You can count on the internet being just a bit more crowded than last year, so standing out is essential — no matter what your venture might be.

But, who knows which way the wind will blow? We put that question to our own marketing teams and they came up with their predictions for the top online trends for 2023.

Curious to see what they believe will be crucial for entrepreneurs? Let’s dive in!

6 top online trends for 2023

Considering proven tactics alongside what’s gaining adoption, these are the areas where investment makes sense. It doesn’t need to be a huge chunk of change — just spend time doing your research and consider whether it’s time to bring in some new technology.

1. Creative social flair

By now, it’s not just about getting on social media. It’s about creating an online identity that stands out because you never know who you might reach.

Consider this: According to Kepios, 190 million new users join social media last year. That 4.2% increase represents six new users every second — or new opportunities, depending on how you look at it.

So when inspiration strikes, be sure you’re posting something that’s both meaningful and eye-catching. Fortunately, new tools have emerged — such as GoDaddy Studio — that empower you to easily create jaw-dropping graphics and imagery, optimized for any platform, from any device.

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2. Influencer marketing

By now, influencer means far more than just pouty-faced selfies. Influencer marketing has proven its potential for very strong ROI — becoming a tactic that’s well worth your consideration.

In fact, even Forbes is weighing in on the topic:

The impact of social media influencers on digital marketing is perhaps one of the most influential things to happen to the industry in decades.

–Mo Mostashari, Forbes Councils Member

Diving into the world of influencers isn’t as messy as it might sound. If you notice someone on social media who seems relevant to your brand, slide into their DMs the next time they post something cool. A quick Hey, love your content! might just be the start of them becoming an advocate for your brand.

3. Chatbots and interactive chat

At their most basic, chatbots can free up your time by using natural language processing (NLP) to respond to basic inquiries like your hours, location or request for a callback. But as development and adoption have increased, we’ve seen chatbots used for all kinds of things — from companionship to scraping the web for news leads.

While chatbots remain an excellent way to add layers of engagement to your online presence, live interactive chat is fast becoming the expectation.

In fact, recent research suggests the use of interactive chat could nearly double in the coming year, as more than half of online customers prefer the live experience.

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4. Educational content

Once you’ve established yourself in a niche, publishing relevant how-to content is a fantastic way to build both credibility and affinity for your brand.

For example, our WooCommerce Wednesday series of blog posts moves us toward a few key goals:

  • Help customers get the most from WooCommerce
  • Establish ourselves as an authority in ecommerce
  • Raise awareness for our WooCommerce offerings

It’s a proven strategy. In fact, research from Conductor shows that educational content leaves customers 131% more likely to buy from the brand publishing it. How can you leverage this strategy? It’s not that hard, once you adopt an educational mindset.

A landscaper might offer seasonal tips on planting. A bakery could describe current trends in wedding cakes. As an entrepreneur, you possess plenty of knowledge people would love to have. Start sharing it!

5. Sustainability and inclusivity

Your message matters, so demonstrate you’re committed to making the world a better place. With issues like climate change and pollution top of mind in 2023, put the spotlight on any methods or materials you use that are more sustainable than common alternatives.

Inclusivity, too, will remain an important topic in the coming year.

That means ensuring your online presence is welcoming to individuals from all walks of life. Tools like Yoast will run a quick check for inclusive language in your content, while technology such as WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools can identify any areas of your online presence that present a challenge for users with disabilities.

6. Have one place for people to go

Don’t make your people chase you around the internet. Create a beautiful, interactive website to serve as a home base for your online venture. Get started with a memorable domain name that strengthens your brand. Next, carefully choose a website platform that meets your needs in the immediate sense, but can scale as you grow.

We developed GoDaddy Website Builder to fit the bill. Hosting is built in and an intuitive interface is designed to let you easily make updates — even on mobile. Start by customizing a gorgeous, fully responsive template, and then discover a full suite of tools, like email and social media marketing, baked right in to support your success.

And if you’re on multiple platforms, a link in bio is essential, as it’s a single jumping-off point that lets visitors easily find you.

Closing thoughts

There you have it, the top online trends for 2023. Hopefully, this information proves helpful in the new year, but keep an eye out. Trends can be fickle, and there will likely be updates emerging in the coming years. And when they do, check back with us — we’ll have our take lined up and ready to go.