June 25, 2024


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Understanding Parked Domain Names And Their Importance

What is a parked domain name? – Gandi News

When you own a business, web hosting becomes quite essential to create a professional online presence. In fact, one of the first and most important steps of website development is securing the best domain name. 

However, finding the perfect domain name can be a daunting and complex task. Once a domain name is bought, it can be considered gone as it is very difficult to buy a domain name that has already been bought. 

So, what to do when you find the perfect domain name but do not have a website yet? – You purchase and park the domain name, This will help you secure your domain name. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about parked domain names and their importance.

What is a Parked Domain Name?

A domain name that is registered but not connected to an active website is referred to as a parked domain name. In simple terms, it is a domain name that is not being used currently but is being “parked” to be used in the future. This allows you to secure a domain name without having a functional website.

What is the Importance of Parked Domains?

Below are some good and important reasons to buy a parked domain.

  • Helps Generate Income

The benefit of buying a domain and parking it includes generating income. Many organisations generate income by first buying a domain at a low price, and then further selling it at a profitable price. 

Additionally, you can generate income by posting advertisements on a non-functional domain. This means that every time someone clicks on your website, you will earn money. Therefore, a parked domain can help generate income.

  • Reserving Domain Name 

In the case that you find a domain name that is perfect for your website but you are still waiting to build a website, you can simply buy and park the domain name. This will lower the risk of your perfect domain name being taken by other users while you wait to build your website. 

This means that you can reserve your domain name while you work on your website plan. A parked domain helps you reserve your perfect domain name.

  • Can Help Direct Visitors To Primary Domain

A parked domain offers the benefit of serving as a secondary domain. This secondary parked domain name redirects visitors to the same IP address as the primary domain. Many organisations buy several parked domains with similar names to their primary domain. 

For example, let’s say your primary domain name is Makeup.com. You can buy other domains like GetMakeup.com, Makeup.org or Makeup.net. 

These domains will be considered aliases for Makeup.com. In case someone mistypes or misremembers your primary domain. These secondary domains will help direct visitors to the correct website and can also be beneficial for marketing purposes

  • Can Help While Your Website Development is in Progress

In some instances, it might be possible that you have secured a domain name, but your website development is in progress. In this case, to generate curiosity about your website, you can add “coming soon” or “under construction” to your website for your visitors.

  • Your Website is Shutting Down

If you are planning to shut down your website but your domain name is still active, you can still benefit from it. You can park the domain name and generate revenue. 

To Wrap It Up

Parked domain names are a pretty basic concept — they are just domain names that are not being used. However, parked domain names have several use cases, such as personal branding, event promotion, business expansion, product launches, and more. 

When you find a good domain name, it is advisable to secure it as soon as possible. Then, you can use it in the future according to your preference.