May 28, 2024


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Useful Corporate Gifts to Give Clients

Benefits of Client Gift Giving | First Republic Bank

Our customers and clients are one of the vital components of a business, so giving them little gifts is a nice way to remind them how thankful you are for their custom.
However, it is important to choose wisely, as ideally, this gift will remind them of you all year round. 

You do not want them to have something useless or that could be classed as clutter, so this piece will discuss some useful corporate gifts you can treat your customers and clients to that will put you in their good graces!

Why Give Gifts to Clients?

There are a few reasons why it is great to give gifts to customers or clients. Some of the more common ones include thanking them for their continued support and business, showing your appreciation for the relationship. You might also offer gifts as part of a welcome package for new clients, and if you really want to ‘wow’ them, remember their company’s birthday too!


Almost everyone loves a notebook, and there are plenty of times where someone needs to quickly jot something down. This is a win-win situation.
Make sure it is not just any cheap paper or cover – this notebook, while a gift, will also reflect the giver and the company, so make sure to hand over quality!

Water Bottle  

It is important to stay hydrated in business, which is why there are always water coolers around.
Branded water bottles are the gift that keeps on giving and presenting your clients a water bottle to use means they are constantly reminded of your products or services while having one of the most useful, reusable, products they can get their hands on. You can also have all kinds of fancy designs on them too, to help them stand out. 

Charging Packs  

In this day and age of technology, charging ports are an essential bit of kit that needs to be with us whenever we are on the go for the day, which is why gifting your clients with a charging pack is extremely useful. They will be reminded of you every time the day (charge) needs saving. You can also get charging packs that come with other multitools and uses, such as a mini torch or different USB cables – so they can keep all of their gadgets charged no matter where they are.

Thermal Travel Mugs

Thermal travel mugs are a person’s best friend when they are hard at work, zipping from one place to another, or being in back-to-back meetings. Cold coffee is the last thing you need during a long day, especially as the weather is getting colder, so it is well worth offering your clients and customers a helping hand when it comes to keeping their beverages warm. Plus, it will be excellent exposure if your thermal travel mug becomes their new favorite!

When considering a gift for your clients and customers, it is best to think about what you would want in your day-to-day life at work, and then go from there.