June 19, 2024


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Witnessing a paradigm shift with ONPASSIVE Ecosystem

Witnessing a paradigm shift with ONPASSIVE Ecosystem

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformational technologies of our time. It has the potential to reshape how we live, work, and interact with the world around us. In recent years, AI has automated routine tasks, provided expert advice and support, and even delivered complete end-to-end IT services. And it’s already starting to impact the IT services industry profoundly. 

ONPASSIVE is a global company that leverages AI technology to build fully autonomous software solutions. The organization recently announced the launch of its new digital ecosystem – THE ONPASSIVE Ecosystem. On this unique platform, users can register for access and digital solutions subscriptions through the SaaS business model.

Integrating AI in Businesses

Artificial intelligence is a breakthrough in a business setting that enables businesses to enhance their overall efficiency. Applications of AI in business range from improving employee and customer relationships to finding patterns in vast amounts of data and performing repetitive tasks.

ONPASSIVE Ecosystem is a multi-platform hub for business acceleration. It is a one-stop destination to simplify the complexities of business intelligence with AI. The primary mission of this tech ecosystem is to provide a wide range of AI products and solutions to transform global digital enterprises. 

It helps clients and customers to achieve better operational efficiency through revolutionary digital transformation and product automation strategies. After successful registration into the Ecosystem, users can access the free products — O-Mail and O-Net

A Feature-Rich 360° Ecosystem At The Tip Of Your Fingers

Transform your business with this exceptional product suite equipped with multiple functionalities. The centralized ecosystem is designed to provide users easy access to a diverse suite of intelligent solutions, which include free and premium products upon successful sign-up. 


The notable features of this unique platform are:

The interface has a unified dashboard that provides users access to analytics, including wallet balance, total earnings, top-performing products, total users, and more. 

Through the Marketplace tab, users will be able to view and subscribe to new products that are available in the Ecosystem. Users can also view detailed descriptions of product features by selecting each product displayed on the marketplace.

Users can register for the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem by signing up on the website or through a referral link. Users signing up now can enter the Ecosystem for free and gain unlimited access to both O-Mail and O-Net.

The My Subscriptions feature lets users view the products they and their referrals have subscribed to. Additionally, they can view details about the upcoming ONPASSIVE products through this feature. 

Users can view all orders placed using this feature. This way, you can keep track of all your previous and present orders.

This feature enables users to access their favorites. Some upcoming ONPASSIVE Business Intelligence platforms include a URL trimmer, a CRM system, and HRM solutions.

Users can click on this tab to raise or view ticket status without hassle. Additionally, they can check ticket history using the chatbot or view the automated FAQs.

Get Instant Access To The Free Products

After successful registration, users can access free products such as the unique mailing service, the O-Mail, and a social networking platform, the O-Net, to connect with friends, create groups, write blogs, and so much more. Furthermore, users will also have information about our upcoming AI-powered premium products.

O-Mail – An Ideal Webmail Solution Platform

O-Mail is a next-gen emailing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that helps simplify your email management and promotes effortless communication. 


Some of the intelligent above-market features of this emailing platform include:

  • Unlimited storage for emails 
  • Ability to send and receive unlimited emails 
  • Ability to send video emails with personalized templates 
  • Speech-to-text feature that enables one to send hands-free emails 
  • Text-to-speech feature 
  • Access to email analytics 
  • Enabling users to add higher attachments in their emails 
  • Folder lock system to secure your email folders 
  • Language translation to translate emails into your preferred language 
  • Contact trash to restore lost contacts
  • Smart reply that enables you to optimize your email content 

O-Mail is a futuristic user-friendly solution for all emailing needs, which helps simplify the ease at which users send and receive their emails. Sign in for the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem and get free access to O-Mail.

O-Net – Reinvent Social Networking

O-Net is a unique social media platform that redefines your social engagement. Equipped with advanced technology, it enables you to effortlessly connect with other users at a global level. In addition, O-Net also allows businesses to tap into new marketing opportunities and build customer loyalty with targeted advertisements.


Some of its advanced features include:

  • Create and edit blogs
  • Schedule your social media posts
  • Create clubs
  • Create, access, and get notified about the event calendar

O-Net is an excellent social media platform that helps you step up your social engagement, enabling you to create a social network that is more meaningful.

Each particular product of the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem has its own importance, serving global users in multiple ways. The Ecosystem is now open for registrations which can be helpful for both individual customers and enterprises. The Ecosystem users can use the free SaaS products integrated into the platform. Users can also generate revenue by sharing the referral link.


With the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem, global customers can access SaaS products equipped with the latest Al technology. Customers can accelerate innovation and transform their businesses from strategy to design, implementation, and management by subscribing to our SaaS products.

Sign in to the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem today to accelerate your business ROI with comprehensive digital assets.

Visit ONPASSIVE.com for more details. 

Registrations are open now!