June 15, 2024


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Adriana Iordan joins the SeedBlink team as VP of Product Management & Marketing

Adriana Iordand joins SeedBlink team starting January 2021 as VP of Product Management and Marketing. Adriana comes with over 15 years of experience in areas such as Fintech and software development, globally, for companies such as ePayment, Avangate, 2checkout, and Verifone.

In her previous roles, Adriana has led online marketing departments, growth services, and product strategies, proposing new sales solutions for digital software and services manufacturers and propelling worldwide the companies that she has partnered with. She coordinated the integration of two platforms and portfolios after the acquisition of 2Checkout (an online payment provider), until sale to Verifone.

“I am excited about SeedBlink’s mission to support both startups and their supporters and, for this reason, I join the team to help accelerate and grow the product and the community as well. The EU’s strategic direction is to achieve the digital independence of European citizens, and SeedBlink is in a very good position to scale, access to finance through technology and financial innovation”, said Adriana Iordan, VP of Product Management & Marketing, SeedBlink.

Combining the co-founders’ experience in banking, investment, and the development of technology startups, SeedBlink has become in 2020 the most important equity crowdfunding platform in the region. The team plan is to bring at least 150 tech companies to investors interested in technology startups from anywhere in the next two years.

According to an Activize report, angel investors’ investments in Romania, and through crowdfunding amounted to 18Meuro last year. SeedBlink facilitated 48% of the rounds in Romania in 2020, 26 of 54 taking place on the crowdfunding platform. So far, more than 3,000 investors from 12 countries have registered on the equity crowdfunding platform to become business angels and supporters of the tech ecosystem of startups.

SeedBlink is the largest equity crowdfunding platform in Southeast Europe, both in terms of amounts traded and the number of investors, offering those interested a simple way to invest in innovative start-ups. The preferred candidates to be listed on SeedBlink are innovative start-ups with proven traction, with an already tested MVP, ethical, and with a clear, articulated business model, with development potential in both local and international markets. SeedBlink’s mission is to democratize investment in start-ups and develop the region’s innovative business environment.